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I really feel that I need to reblog his comment (Senor Pedro) from the blog post because the comments in the blog keeps growing and his comment might not be noticed.

Wow! There are enough insights in this blogpost and thread to roll out a thesis for a sociology class of our own!

Vilo–kudos to you for your post. Just to let you know, I had to move my meeting to later this afternoon just so I can put in my two-cents. I’m really glad you opened this forum to most of us and I look forward to a more hearty discussion. But allow me to throw these points out there for us fine folks…

1.) When Alden presented the cash prize to Lola Nena in the audience, he repeatedly called out to ‘Maine’ several times (4x I believe). When did he switched from Yaya to Maine? And do you guys think this is a pivotal point? Is he warming up to Maine? Getting comfortable with her true persona?

2.) Sooner, his FS called out to Maine, and on the next page, he wrote–Ready na ako. Did he write this as Alden, or as Richard Jr? And was this scripted or spontaneous? (The cynic in me still believes most of their FS are scripted–including both segments of the Matching Game).

3.) In an interview years back, Alden stated ang ‘love life ay nakakasira ng career’. With that said–and knowing how disciplined and sensible this 23-year old man is–fate decided to throw him for a loop. Here comes Maine, a sprite of a lady, in denim shorts and ballet flats, hair tied back, aware of her looks (she does put on make-up, ya?), yet totally unabashed about mucking herself up in front of millions watching her daily. I don’t know about you guys, but she is such a relief from the cookie cutter ‘actresses’ and ‘personalities’ that studios churn out for a fastly-evolving audience. Here is a girl that I see in my coffee shop daily, a girl that I pat on the back and say ‘see you later’ to when she leaves, a girl that flashes that wide grin the next day and says ‘Hi Sir Peter, ‘musta na kayo’ on her next visit. I melt. I truly melt.

4.) So Maine might not be Alden’s ‘ideal’ girl. I’m there. Given his OC’ness and guarded self, this can’t be the type of girl he wants. But this girl literally falls on his lap. And his life changed in that single moment (his, before ours!). On his letter he wrote ‘maraming nang nag-iba’; once again, could be scripted for him, but fact is, things really have changed for him. Could it be he wasn’t expecting to be ‘taken’ (I use that word because ‘love’ is still too early at this point in time) by someone like Maine? Could it be that her being a total polar opposite from him is what draws her to him? Yin and Yang, guys. Do not belittle the effect of Yin and Yang.

5.) And so Alden chooses to hide his face. Behind a pillow, on a van’s headrest, behind a clipboard. Just earlier today with Sam YG, when asked how he felt about the date, he screamed ‘EH DI KINILIIIG’ and immediately did a 180-degree turn. Classic shy guy ammos… Still not comfortable enough to man up to what he’s feeling.

6.) Alden is a Godly person, that is made very clear early on. Do not use God’s name in vain is a commandment most of us are aware of. By singing that infectious ‘God Gave Me You’ song over and over and over and over again without meaning it would be using God’s name in vain if he doesn’t mean it. But then again, he could fully well believe that Maine is Gods gift to his career, and not to his person. Come on, Maine is 20, Alden is 23; can they be so evolved at this age to realize about the true meaning of ‘fate’ and ‘forever’?

7.) Alden is in a very good but difficult place now—talk about Yin and Yang. His career is on the line. 12.1 million tweets is on the line. His mother’s dying wish for him is on the line. HIs happiness and fulfillment (albeit at an early age) is on the line. His family’s future is on the line. The pressures of a 23-year old man.

8.) Fact is Alden was very close to his mother, and expressive about it as well. And she passed. He lost her. I’m going out on a limb and say Maine is the next woman to have made an impact on his life after so many years. How will he handle her now? If he puts himself out there, but loses her in the long run, how will that affect his psyche?

9.) Alden and Maine are both young still. And very good actors at that. To have us question their every move, and spend valuable time dissecting their onscreen and offscreen dynamics says something about their credibilities (and our priorities!). It’s going to be a bumpy ride for them, no qualms about that. A lot of people will be possessive with them, demanding a daily dose of emotions laid out for the world to enjoy. How to handle that in another 2 months? In 6 months? In 10 months? But such is the beauty of this entire phenomenon—much as I hate to use the word ‘oraginic’ (just because it’s been used over and over again already for PR purposes), it is. There is no endgame to this yet. As a frustrated writer, I believe the creative heads behind Kalyeserye are all flying by the seat of their pants on a daily basis. With the scent of markers and big sheets of paper flying all over their heads constantly. They must wait for our reactions, our suggestions, our forums, our pulses, in order to proceed to the next square. They aim to represent us, so they must be sincere, and attuned to us.

10.) If I were to be in the writer’s room today, I’d say—let’s make it more interesting. You wanna see what Alden truly feels? Bring back Dr. Tan-Ning. Yaya is on her way to the hospital, let Dr. Tan-Ning attend to her. Put some interaction there. Mark McMahon can handle himself well. Let’s channel in The Truman Show and see what we get. Alden has been comfortably perched on the stage (and his ‘lungga’) in terms of knowing where he stands with Maine’s affection (yes–she is transparent, and that’s why I melt for her). Maybe it’s about time he realizes there’s a whole damn world outside Broadway Centrum that would kill and die for Maine.

11.) And to you Maine, please continue being that girl that I pat on the back everyday. Be the epitome of ‘cool’, of ‘hip’, of ‘down to earth’. Do not lose yourself amidst all this. Be vocal (no pun intended). Throw us for a loop at times and glamour up. I love it when you pull your hair back. I love your Nike’s. Paint your nails in colors if you want—don’t stop doing it for ‘image’… I know studio heads are starting to notice your nuances and will start dictating you, if not already. Don’t be afraid to experiment more. Don’t be afraid to live more. And on days when you think you can’t take it anymore, I sincerely hope you will end up in my cafe, so I can sit across you, and say ‘dude–you remember those 12.1 tweets? I’m only one of them.’

12.) And my man Alden, it won’t hurt to get out of the box every now and then. Stop coloring between the lines. Grab that stick of Crayola and start messin’ up that white sheet of paper! Go outside the line and realize that the paper goes on and on and on. It doesn’t stop. How I wish at some point I can be convinced that the words you write for Maine aren’t coming out of the earpiece stuck inside your left lobe. AND, if you indeed you believe what’s bound to happen will find it’s way—prove yourself worthy. I know God protects, and God provides. But God also helps those who help themselves.

And the above are the musings of a 48-year old man who has to rush to a meeting this afternoon. Thank you again Vilo for giving me the chance to voice all I want since I joined this fandom. An accidental Aldub fan here, and an avowed AsalKalye!

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