Campus Life For iOS: How to Cheat and Hack for Unlimited Cash and Diamonds

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campus life cheat and hack tool

Pocket Gems’ iOS game lets you relive your college life and have as many parties as you want.  Though it looks very similar to The Sims, this iphone game –  Tap Campus Life has a few twists in it.

When first starting the game, you enter as a young girl with many dreams and wishes to build her very own sorority in the school campus and eventually become famous.  With that in mind, this girl, or you, the player must turn your simple apartment room to one of those high class, rich party house.  Of course, partying requires people so you need to make friends and recruit them to your society and decorate your house and host the parties.  It’s a handful, I know. But with the help of our cheat tool, you can quickly have all this in a few minutes.

The method of recruiting is very similar to The Sims and it means that you have to increase the friendship level of each individual that you desire to be part of your sorority.  That means knowing her interest and tagging along until you get her to join.  But it’s not so complicated as mentioned above.  It is actually a lot more easier compared to Sims.

The building process is relatively easier and quick to build.  In fact, you can easily accelerate the building process using gems that you can buy in the stores using in game currencies.  You don’t have to worry about that because with our hack, you can have unlimited diamonds to quickly turn your house even better than those playboy mansions.  All the spending is taken cared of even is you decide to have some post party activities which cost more.  Well, who cares when you have all the money that you can ever imagine.

What’s good about the game?

  • The graphics is good and captures the colors brightly.
  • A new niche to the already familiar Sims gameplay

What’s Bad?

  • There are a number of task that requires in game purchases and many require lot waiting for it to complete unless you spend for in game currency and purchase gems to speed up the process (good thing you have our cheat tool right ;))

Why you need our Hack for iOS devices and Android?

Like mentioned above in our quick review of the game, there are a number of tasks that requires you to spend and dish out some real cash in exchange of game currencies and speed up your building process.  Unless you have this then there won’t be a problem.  Still you can easily get cause up with the spending and it is best to have an easier solution.  Our campus life hack is simply the best tool to get the job done and best of all it is free to download.  Yes, there are a few tools that you need to complete the modification but it should not take you hours to complete.  It is as simple as counting 1,2,3 and I bet even your dog can do it.

This file is working 100% and tested everday for any updates.  It does not require you to log in your account details so you can be assured it is not some sort of a keylogger or something.  It is completely virus free with a virus scan to back it up.

How to install the Mod to Get  Unli Cash and Diamonds?

  1. Be sure to close and quit your game when you start this process
  2. Download our hack file from the secure server.  Link is provided below
  3. Load it to your device using iFunbox for iOS users or other file managing software.  You can easily use other similar apps.  Just google it
  4. Overwrite any conflicting files
  5. Reboot your device and you should be done.
  6. Now purchase for diamonds and it’s all free!

So what are you waiting for? click the link below and start enjoying the game.  We are very sure this will take your gaming experience to the next level with our Phodic Tools!

NOTE: Hottest tool!  Simpsons Tapped out – go to page.

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