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facebook games hack

Although we wanted to focus on game that are played exclusively for the iphone or iOS and the android, it is undeniable that facebook games continue to grow and is always a favorite plays for gamers to hangout. So we think it is but proper to add some tricks to the this games.

In this page, you will find our collection of FB games that we have found a way to exploit and cheat so you too can enjoy this game. Yes there is a way to do it through some cheat engine or something but we also are very aware that not all people or most probably most gamers and not techie and teaching you how to hack using this tools and locating all the codes, which by the way changes every load would be like teaching a baby how to talk 10 different languages at once.

So we think it is best to just give you a tool that will do the hacking for you. You will find the different games below in alphabetical order and we hope you will enjoy this share. Don’t forget to bookmark!


Mutant Genetic Gladiator Gold Gift

Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics Gold Gifts

Kitchen Scramble Cash Gift Giveaways

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