Old Simpsons Game Gathered Even More Fans

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simpsons fan increase


You guys probably have already read and downloaded out Simpsons Game Donut and Money trick here and well, I can say this is one game that has probably more updates than any other iOS/Android game out there.  You see, the very big difference I have seen with this game and other console or mobile games is the continued update and its like the old Simpsons Movie that you can always expect a new story every now and then.


So I see the updates here as telling a new story every now and then and even with the latest one which kinda incorporate other game mechanics and I am talking about Clash of Clones.  The idea is very good and its bringing new ideas to the game although it seems that they are adapting Clash of Clans way of gaming.

It’s a limited time even though which is expected to end on October 10, 2014 but still I have read some critics saying it has made fun of the game and is more like a clash of clan clone.

Still I think it is a good update and a way of breaking the old way of playing the game.

The end of the even should cater to a new update which we think would be for the 2014 Treehouse of horror.  This would be the 3rd install and I hope this could come up with something new for this year’s horror month.

The game has already run successful for more than 2 years and has even brought more fans both in the game and the TV show.  It is very amazing how the writers bond this game and show thing making it one of the successful “game-TV” setup ever made.

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