Simpsons Tapped Out Hack – Get Unlimited Donuts and Money Cheat Tool

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Good thing you have found our site because we are sure you have been searching for The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack that works for your mobile phone.  This game keeps updated almost every month and you should find a reliable source whose cheat tool is updated likewise.  We can guarantee you that we do just that and keep our file up to date so they are working 100% and our users can enjoy a crash free tool.

Update: Version Added [Jan 2016]

Due to the continues update of the game, we have recently released an online tool that will automatically check for update and make it compatible to the current game version of simpsons tapped out. Please get this latest update though the link below. Enjoy!

simpsons tapped out hack
Update: Version 4.13.0 Added [Feb 2015]

With all sorts of Villains and Heroes coming into your city, its time to take out the secret Heroes in each character and save your Town.  This update is certainly fun as new twist to the game is again added.

Update: Version 4.11.0 Added [October 2014 Halloween Update]

This is the 2014 TreeHouse of Horror Update for the month of October.  A quick list of contents added for this are the usual candy bags and customs, children who are greedy and ungrateful, the usual alien invasion and some mutated trees and zombies to spice it more.  Also included in the content update are new characters and buildings and decorations.  Of course since this is a special month you can expect lots of events during the season.

Update: Versions 4.10.2 Added [August 2014 patch]

Ready for another update?  This game continues to amaze me and how the creators and developer keep their client base to continue loving the game.  So for the month of August version 4.10.2 has been released. Sorry for the late update.  Was busy with some other thing and some of my sites needed to be updated.  But any how, here is your latest patch and trick to having lots of donuts to your game.  HOpe you enjoy it and have a good day!

Update: Versions 4.9.5 Added [July 2014 patch]

Yup, its another patch for the month of July 2014 and this now version 4.9.5.  There were some versions previous to this like v4.9.1 but we were so busy with some other things and fails to update.  But anyway, here is the update now and be sure to get the latest tool.  Again, new characters have been added such as Princess Penelope. Of course, new and additional rides to beautify your town so start building them.  This includes the unoriginal long ride and the Krusty’s Giant Wheel.  And don’t forget the all new quests to get special items

Update: Versions 4.8.3 Added [June 2014 patch]

So here’s another update for you TSTO fans and this version 4.9.1.  A couple of things to expect from the new update include some puzzle game which means you have to unlock the clues and complete special task to get the reward which is worth your time.  Of course with every new update comes new characters and for the buildings, this includes the Stonecutter Lodge.  New quest to uncover which requires Bart and Lisa to work together to and unveil the unknowns of StoneCutters.  Well, that’s all for this month and get your latest update at our download page.  see the link below!

Update: Versions 4.8.3 Added [May 2014 patch]

I think you all guys are ready for a new character and it’s about time that a new update should be added coz we all need one, right.  So here is v4.8.3 for May 2014 update and we just made sure our hack will continue to work so you guys can always dominate and exploit the game with this cheat for unlimited money and donuts.

Some characters that you will discover in the game like the identify of Chester who is a new resident in SpringField.  Of course with every update, there is always some new buildings to add to your place.  This time it’s all about luxury as your add Vulgary Jewelry Store.  Plus a new quest on Bernice Return.

For the latest tool check out our download page now.  Follow the link below of this page. Enjoy!

Update: Versions 4.8.0 Added [Easter 2014 patch]

This TV series video game incorporation is probably one of the most successful ones.  If you have been following this app, you will notice that is been running for several years now and still it keeps getting new users every day. The latest version just came out after the Valentines or the Month of Love.  We are pretty sure that another one would probably roll in pretty soon.  But rest assured that our tool will continue to get updated.  Just be sure to run it along with the correct version of the game so the version of our tools will be similar to the version of the game so you guys won’t get confused.

Installing the mod file is relatively easy and quick.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. If you don’t have a file manager like iFunbox, download it which can locate through google search
  2. Download the modded file we provide through the link below
  3. Close your game
  4. Load the unzipped file to the correct folder
  5. Overwrite files that come in conflict with our file
  6. That should be it! Now restart your phone
  7. Start the game and purchase anything.  This will automatically add lots of money and donuts to your account.  Enjoy!

Our TSTO Hack Stands Out from the Rest and Why You Should Have it

  • It keeps updated regularly when EA (Electronic Arts) releases a new version
  • No jailbreak is need to run the mod
  • Donuts are infinite
  • Money of course is likewise unlimited
  • Always tested daily and works 100%

The current version is 4.7.2 which has added a new Friendship Points that you can get whenever you visit your friends town.  If you continue to do it and check your neighbors, you will get more points until you are rewarded with special gift items.

For ipad and ipod users, this tool works perfectly fine.   Just follow the instructions provided above.  It is pretty much the same and what to do.

Just a word of caution for those who have not yet installed and still looking for other mods. Be sure what you are downloading does not require you to log in your game details when you start the app.  This could potentially be one of those keyloggers that hackers use to hack your account.  When you run our mod, you will notice that none of that exists and we will not ask your your login details.  We just mod existing files and database in the game which you will download and replace existing ones.

We hope this tool can speed up your building process and we hope this will take your gaming experience with Tapped Out Simpsons to the next level.

With that I leave you with this Simpsons qoute

Lisa: Dad, just for once don’t you want to try something new?

Homer: Oh Lisa, trying is just the first step toward failure.

But with our mod, you won’t fail for sure.  You will dominate it.  Do it with Phodic.

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