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Gameloft’s Latest Game – Asphalt Overdrive

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asphalt overdrive

Just a few days ago, Gameloft has released another new install for mobile games.  We released by the way, an install cheat for asphalt 8 which you can find in this page.  Anyway, the new released game is again a freemium game and Asphalt Overdrive is the latest arsenal from Gameloft this 2014.


This game is available not only for iOS and Android user but for Windows Phones as well which broadens the scope of gamers who wants to have access to the game.  Although it is free to play, you can always boost your gaming by purchasing in-game items and currencies.

Gameloft hopes to have the same success it had with Asphalt 8:Airborne that landed several awards and was even featured in several other devices, in fact in was one of the most popular Windows 8 racing game.  With that alone, it means you need to check out the game and not miss it.

Still the game feature real life cars and not imaginative ones.  That means you get to drive virtually the hot Lamborghini countach and Ferrari Testarossa.  But this time, it is more of a mission game with full race features and over 30 cars to use or gradually unlock and you progress in the game.

And like any racing game, you get to upgrade your ride.  You also need to avoid being caught by cops when you race. And defeated several bosses while doing this.  It is totally challenging and you get to share your progress in the leader board via facebook.

Here is trailer of the game in case you have not seen it yet.  And don’t forget to read our previous post on the simpsons growing fans.

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